Advantages of Prefabricated Pedestrian Bridges

On your way somewhere today, you probably walked over a footbridge without a thought that you would not have reached your destination as easily or as quickly without the bridge. A pedestrian bridge is also a safe way to cross from one side of a busy street to the other side, or in other areas where walking could be dangerous or even impossible. It can also be used to link buildings so the people in there do not have to go outside anymore to cross the street to their destination.

Nowadays, most bridges designed for foot traffic are pre-engineered and prefabricated so it can be quickly transported and installed by local crews and on-hand equipment. Because bridge prefabrication is also done away from where it will be placed, there is minimized work interruption, traffic disruption, safety endangerment and environmental intrusion for the customer. Below are some of the other advantages of custom built bridges. Check it out!

Low cost

Prefabricated pedestrian bridges are more economical because of the lessened on-site construction time, and mass production of the prefabricated components because of their repeated use. By prefabricating the bridge to the exact dimensions needed and a small crew often installing it in one day, the reduced construction time and expenditures can also improve bottom lines. One also gets to save on engineering costs required on conventional bridges featured at this site.

Extreme durability

Whether it is made of steel, aluminum or fiberglass, a prefab pedestrian bridge can satisfy any load carrying demand. With its ideal weight to strength ratio, it can handle any heavy traffic and is less prone to cracking and deterioration concerns. It also does not rot, repels insect damage, withstands high humidity, and resists harsh weather conditions. It is resistant to compression and lasts longer than bridges built with conventional materials.

Easy maintenance

Most prefabricated pedestrian bridges do not require regular maintenance. Advances in prefabricating technology have made custom built spans the ultimate low maintenance choice for bridge construction. They provide lifetime watertight construction and are impervious to corrosion. Custom built bridges require the least effort to maintain because of their virtually indestructible construction. It also has fewer parts for easier assembly and upkeep. You can also learn more about pedestrian bridges by checking out the post at

Any place installation

Prefabricated bridge modules are ready to be shipped disassembled anywhere and easy to install in remote bridge sites. All the components are pre-drilled and can be installed using hand held tools. Typically, its assembly does not require heavy equipment or specialized skills.